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Illinois DOT Guide Specification for Roller Compacted Concrete Modified for Trowel & Broom Finish

This document contains the text of the Illinois Department of Transportation specification for Roller Compacted Concrete, Effective January 17, 2014 and downloaded July 17, 2014 from

Guide Specification for Trowel and Broom Finishing Roller-Compacted Concrete

RCC Surface Pro, by Lythic Solutions, adds another dimension for roller-compacted concrete by allowing trowel and broom finish of roller-compacted concrete (RCC).

This document can be used in conjunction with Portland Cement Association Publication IS009.01 – Guide Specification for Construction of Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavements, June 2004 (download PDF) or incorporated into other RCC specifications. Edit RCC section to assure underlying RCC is acceptable for a trowel or broom finish.

ACPA Guide Specification

This document provides a guideline specification useful for developing project specifications for roller compacted concrete (RCC) as an exposed RCC pavement surface, that may or may not be diamond ground for smoothness and/or texture. RCC as a base/subbase layers is not covered in this specification. The information is also not wholly applicable for non-pavement applications such as backfills, dams or liners. This guideline should not be used as a specification reference in contract documents. An owner, engineer or contractor must consider the available options and apply these guidelines to create specifications for specific local projects.