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Gathering Pace with Finished Roller Compacted Concrete

Gathering Pace with Finished Roller Compacted Concrete

Solomon Colors have joined forces with Moderne Methode in France. Our partnership will now allow the promotion of RCC Surface Pro in Europe and beyond. Roller Compacted Concrete is gathering pace for low speed paving projects such as parking lots, side roads and housing tracks. RCC Surface Pro offers several advantages to the paved surface:

Firstly, RCC Surface Pro enable the Roller Compacted Concrete to be troweled smooth or with a broom finish. This takes away the heavier textured appearance of traditional Roller Compacted Concrete. More than just a nice closed even surface, RCC Surface Pro offers increased performance characteristics such as higher abrasion resistance, addition of cement paste around the aggregate, increased freeze thaw durability, and resistance to salt and chloride penetration.

Now Moderne Methode will be supporting the technical growth and training with Finished Roller Compacted Concrete in France. For more information feel free to contact Moderne Methode at:

Moderne Méthode
Z I du Sauvoy 5, rue de la Bizière
Tél : 01 64 36 15 26
Fax : 01 64 36 62 89

New Innovation for Roller Compacted Concrete

New Innovation for Roller Compacted Concrete


Solomon Colors introduced RCC Surface Pro to the roller compacted concrete industry in 2013. We have successfully completed several projects with contractors who are paving the way for finished RCC. Our aim is to continue to promote finished RCC to the architectural design community in an effort to develop more interest.

RCC Finishes

Should anyone wish to know more information related to RCC Surface Pro or should you wish to arrange a live demonstration, please contact John Anderson by email at or you may leave a comment on this post.


John Anderson