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Product Description:

RCC Surface Pro Plus adds color to enhance aesthetics, improves performance and durability, and extends the life cycle of the paved surface. RCC Surface Pro Plus is a topically applied, proprietary silica admixture that reacts to create more cement paste, allowing for the traditional smooth and broom finishes found with cast in place concrete. Custom colors are available on request.

RCC Surface Pro Plus offers a cost effective solution for adding color to Roller Compacted Concrete. The liquid color hardener delivers high performance chemistry with the addition of construction grade UV stable pigments that color deep into the concrete surface when mechanically troweled.

Features & Benefits:

RCC Surface Plus brings another dimension to Roller Compacted Concrete in addition to increasing the performance and durability.

  • Develops cement paste for finishing

  • Increase Abrasion Resistance

  • Creates a denser, less permeable surface

  • Closed, smooth or broom finished surface

  • Adds color to the surface

Testing Data:

Contact our technical department for more detailed information related to the independent testing.

  • ASTM C 666 - Freeze Thaw

  • ASTM C 779 - Abrasion

  • ASTM C 672 - Salt Scaling

  • AASHTO T 259 - Chloride Penetration

RCC Surface Pro Plus TIS:

RCC Surface Pro Plus SDS:

Illinois DOT Guide Specification Modified for Trowel and Broom Finish:

Guide Specification for Trowel and Broom Finishing:

ACPA Guide Specification Roller Compacted Pavement: